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The 1st Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit

The 1st Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit (TIHES-1) was held at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, on April 16–18, 2012. The summit was hosted by Taiwan Ministry of Education and Organized by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. A program was organized by Dr. Tsong-Ming Lin (Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Taiwan) and Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso, M.Sc., (Director General of Higher Education, Indonesia), which covered many important topics concerning cooperation and collaboration between Taiwan Universities and Indonesia Universities. Approximately 150 participants attended the summit from Taiwan Universities and Indonesian Higher Education Institutions. There are 30 delegates from Indonesia. The delegation from Indonesia consists of Directorate General of Higher Education, Universities, Polytechnics, Institutes and Colleges.1 The program schedule contained three keynote speeches, nine plenary sessions, five parallel sessions and conclusion session.2 Major topics that were covered at the 1st Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit ranged from development of higher education in both countries to development of educational cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia. This report will briefly summarize officially opening ceremony and some presentations that were given at the summit.

The summit was initiated with official opening ceremony and followed by culture performance by Indonesian Student Association of NTUST. In the opening ceremony there are four persons delivering formal speech. The first, Dr. Ching-Ji Wu (former Minister of Education of Taiwan) said that idea exchange, knowledge exchange and collaboration are very important to improve international competitiveness. The most important way to do cooperation in higher education is knowledge exchange. The second, Dr. Tsong-Ming Lin, Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Taiwan welcomed Indonesian delegation in Taiwan and said that this summit was initiated last year in Bali to strengthen Taiwan and Indonesian relation, based on MoU signed by both education ministers on May 2011 in Bali. He also said that MoU and MoA in education is facility for all possibilities in cooperation as well as to show individual and community qualities to face globalization competition. The third, Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso, M.Sc Director General of Higher Education, MoEC, Indonesia said that Indonesia and Taiwan has good relationship and this summit is aimed to find out some possibilities on cooperation in education between Taiwan Universities and Indonesian Universities. Taiwan has experiences in promoting Universities to be world class standard university, and Indonesia can learn from Taiwan to develop constructive idea and program to improve our universities to be world class universities through this forum and cooperation. The last speaker, Prof. Shi-Shuen Chen, President of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan welcomed all participants in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and stressed that cooperation in science and technology is important way to improve quality of higher education. He also said that Indonesian students in Taiwan has good passion and study hard, involve in build international living environment between local students and other international students. 


Figure 1. Formal Meeting with President of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


During the summit there are three keynote speakers talking about the importance and the potential fields of collaboration between two countries mediated by Dr. Tsong-Ming Lin, Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education, Taiwan. The first speaker, Mr. Tony W.T. Lin, Director General, Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations, Ministry of Education, Taiwan delivered “The Development of Educational Cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia”. The second speaker, Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso, M.Sc Director General of Higher Education, MoEC, Indonesia presented Higher Education Indonesia: The Challenges and The Opportunities. The last speaker, Dr. Yen-Yi Lee, Director General, Technological and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, Taiwan presented The Vocational and Technological Education Development in Taiwan. Three speakers agreed that there are many possibility aspects that we can do in cooperation between Taiwan Universities and Indonesia Universities such as scholarship, staff exchange, student exchange, culture exchange, joint research, joint publication, and joint conference.

In the first plenary session five presentations discussed continued to explore these themes of International Cooperation in Higher and Technological Education. Prof. Chang-Hsien Tai (Vice President, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology) presented Current Cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia. Prof. Chi-Yeh Yung (President, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) delivered Collaborative Higher and Technological Education between Indonesia and Taiwan-A NKUST prospect. Prof. Chuan Lee, President (Ming Chuan University) presented “Experiences sharing of developing and managing universities in Taiwan-As seen from MCU Internationalization. Prof. Dr. Ir. Anas Miftah Fauzi (Bogor Agriculture University) presented Taiwan Education Center in Indonesia. Prof. Akhmaloka (Bandung Institute of Technology) presented Strategies to strengthen cooperation in higher and technological education.

In the second plenary session four presentations continued to explore these themes of University-Industry Cooperation Policies and Experiences in Taiwan and Indonesia. Prof. Leehter Yao, (President, National Taipei University of Technology) presented Key Elements for Developing and Managing Vocational and Technological Education. Prof. Chun-Hsiung Fang (President, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences) discussed about Establishment of a Pro-industry Excelsior University. Dr. Ir. Dadet Pramadihanto (Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya, EEPIS) presented Experiences Sharing of University-Industry Cooperation. Prof. Sri Wahyono (Vice Director for Academic Affair, The State Polytechnic of Jakarta, Indonesia) presented How to Enhance University-Industry Cooperation”.

In parallel session, several other presentations continued the topics of Building a Taiwan-Indonesia Higher and Technological Education, Arts, and Education Network. Prof Supriadi (Directorate General of Higher Education, MoEC, Indonesia) presented “Future Trend of Taiwan and Indonesia’s Higher Education. Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai (President of Asia University) presented Experiences Sharing of Developing and Managing Universities in Taiwan. Prof Renanto (Initiator of ITS and Taiwan Universities Cooperation) delivered Regular Visitation and Forums between Taiwan and IndonesiA.

In the discussion and conclusion session, both countries, Taiwan and Indonesia, agreed to do cooperation in some points.

  1. Providing scholarship for Indonesian University members to do doctor program in Taiwan Universities through 3+1 scheme: 3 years scholarship from DGHE, Indonesia and 1 year scholarship from Taiwan Government.
  2. Taiwan and Indonesia Universities will facilitate exchange staff, exchange student, exchange culture, joint research, joint publication, and joint degree.
  3. The next summit in this series, TIHES-2, will carried out on May 16-17, 2013, in Bali, Indonesia. There will be international performance in the 2nd summit. 


The evening of the 1st day summit was pleasantly filled by dinner and culture performance in NTUST. The afternoon of the 2nd day and all the 3rd day were pleasantly by campus tour to some Universities, including National Taipei University of Technology, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science, Fung Han University, and Asia University and tour to some interested culture heritages, National Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Earthquake Museum of Taiwan.


Figure 2. The delegation of Ganesha University of Education visits National Taiwan Normal University

During the summit, the delegation of Ganesha University of Education, consisting of Rector Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Sudiana and Vice Rector I Wayan Muderawan, Ph.D., visited National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). The University has good reputation in teaching and research. The delegation was accepted by President of NTNU and their staff from International Office, Dean of College of Education and Dean of Art and Creative Media. In that visitation, both institutions discussed cooperation possibilities in education fields.



The summit was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. I thank Minister of Education, Taiwan, for his financial supports including visa fee, accommodation, meals, local transportation during the summit.3