Ganesha University of Education
International Office


  1. Library

    UNDIKSHA LIBRARY is located in Campus Jalan Udayana . The collections are: some national and international books, students’ final thesis, journal articles, proceedings, teaching materials, papers, magazines, etc. It has  4.275 titles book collection with 37.818 exemplar. You can get a comfortable place to read in each of the floor.

  2. Puskom

    COMPUTER CENTRE has tasks for managing information and communication technology (ICT) to support the management information system (MIS) of the university, as well as providing services for educational programs, research and community service in the field of ICT. It has computer laboratory and video conference room.

  3. Laboratory
    The laboratory is 5.118 m2 in width, and has 70 diferent units (Biology, computer, electro, physique, chemistry, language). This laboratory facilitates students in studying and practicing their ability.
  4. Auditorium

    AUDITORIUM HALL is located at the most southern of campus Jalan Udayana. The building which has capacity up to 2000 people is often used for big events and involves many people, such as graduations ceremony, competitions and other activities. This building has a large stage surrounded by 2 levels of audiences’ place. It is equipped with a sound system, fan and chairs

  5. Seminar Building

    SEMINAR BUILDING is located in the center of campus Jalan Udayana. It  is  in the eastern of library building. This 2 floors building has a special room for the meeting which is available on the second floor. The room’s capacity is about 150 people equipped with chairs, air conditioning, sound system and LCD projector

  6. Field
    Undiksha has some playing fields such as football, tennis, basketball, volley ball, and badminton. These places facilitate student in increasing their sport ability.
  7. Internet 

    Technology based Information has been a part of our daily life. It makes the information should be provided by using the technology. It gives chance for the students to use facilities in order getting quick access for the information. In this term, students can use the free WI-Fi around the university, UNDIKSHA webmail, and other information in UNDIKSHA website. Also, UNDIKSHA develop SIAK as a web portal for registered students. They can use this portal to access the course offered, tuition fee status, academic calendar, and their mark (index cumulative achievement).

  8. Education School Laboratory

    Educational Laboratory School is a part of Ganesha University of Education in which is functioned to support the education process, teacher candidates training program, evaluates the methods and models of instruction, and educational research. It consists of (1) a kindergarten, (2) an elementary school, (3) a junior high school and (4) a high school.

  9. Theater room
    This place is usually used for playing or performing some operas and drama theater. It is located in Faculty of Language and Art, Undiksha. 
  10. Art studio
    Art Studio is used for exhibiting some arts like painting, handycraft, and statue. The location is in the Art Department, Faculty of Language and Art, Undiksha.

    Students’ dormitories is located on Jalan Jatayu Singaraja and in Jinengdalem Village.  For the students, who want to live around the University, they can stay in these dormitories. The main things should be known is it will be a solid feelings between the students who live in this dormitory, especially who comes from outside of Singaraja. Every dormitory, offers different special social-life, social-culture and perspective in order to make the good solidarity between the students.

    UNDIKSHA also manage an Edutel. It stands for Education Hotel. It is provided to conduct training for Hospitality students. Edutel which is located on Jalan Jatayu-Singaraja has 33 rooms. It has 5 V.I.P rooms and 1 meeting room on the first floor. On the second and third floor, each floor has 14 standard rooms.  For foreign students, they can stay in Edutel for short-term staying. And it is rented for the guests. Students have many choices for living in Singaraja. Accommodations are easily to be found around the University and city. There are so many lodging house, or lodging room with different price and facilities. Canteen, Cafeteria and restaurant also are available in campus area and outside of campus area.  

  12. Language Service Unit

    Unit of Language Services (ULB) is a unit which has some activities, such as:

    a. Giving TOEFL training for students and lecturers.

    b. Accommodating TOEFL for students.

    c. Conducting Teaching and Learning activities for Bahasa Indonesia for foreign students (BIPA).

    d. Facilitating the implementation of BIPA activities in the real daily life.

    e. Facilitating the language laboratory usage in ULB.

    f. Introducing Balinese and Indonesian cultures and arts.

    g. Promoting tourism for the Guests or foreign students.

    h. Conducting Undiksha Indonesian Language and Culture Proram (UILCP)

    UNDIKSHA Indonesian Language and Culture Program (UILCP) is a program offered for foreign students or foreign speakers to study Bahasa Indonesia and its Culture. This program is organized by the Unit of Language Service (ULB). The main purpose of UILCP is to promote and increase the interest in the language and Culture of Indonesia particularly the Balinese Culture. Balinese Culture has become the main focus of this program since UNDIKSHA is located in the Northern part of Bali.

    The UILCP program includes short term courses, semester based program for one or two semesters