Ganesha University of Education
International Office

Darmasiswa Program

Darmasiswa program of Ganesha University of Education is a follow-up program initiated and generally managed by the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation of the Ministry of National Education to educate foreign students studying in Indonesia about Bahasa Indonesia and cultural arts of Indonesia. Foreign students are then expected to promote Indonesia as objective and as balanced as possible in their respective countries.
Darmasiswa program is a non-degree program lasting for one year. During the program, participants are prohibited to work, do research and practical political activities.

In Ganesha University of Education students will have opportunity to study Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian culture and literature, fine arts, Indonesian traditional music and dance, culinary, clothing, and other subjects according to their interest.

For one year study period, students are expected to learn: (1) Bahasa Indonesia, (2) Indonesian culture (3) Indonesian and Balinese traditional music, and dance, (5) and other optional subjects which students can freely choose, such as: Balinese language, Indonesian geography and history, sports, wood carving, painting, etc.
Teaching and learning in class is usually held in the morning between 09:00 am to 12:30 pm from Monday until Friday.
At another time, students are expected to interact with regular students to broaden and enhance their skills in acquiring Bahasa Indonesia. On special occasions, Darmasiswa participants are also invited to visit some tourist attractions in Bali.